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Managers Adda is the brainchild of three of the IIM graduates. They aim to make the knowledge & experiences from industry leaders, MBA Alums & Students easily accessible to the B-School students & Aspirants such that they can decide and plan the progression of their career in an informed way. Managers adda also helps MBA aspirants prepare well for the entrance exams for MBA by designing preparation strategies to focus on each exam. The learnings provided are very relevant and from the experience of the experts in the field. Everyone who has been in this journey of getting admitted into a B-School to become an industry professional has gone through a fair share of ups and downs. We aim to leverage these life lessons of people such that upcoming bright minds learn from their experienced counterparts' mistakes and get inspired by their experiences and achievements.

Managers Adda has been awarded in "Top 20 Startups in StartupWinc 2020"

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