Figure out what you seek out of a job and then everything else follows!

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Parv Goel (Consultant Deloitte USI, MBA IIM Lucknow )

MA: How would you describe your transition into the industry after MBA?

Parv: I have had a prior work experience of over 2.5 years in Indian Oil before IIM-L, so after the MBA I felt more confident as the 2 years on campus provided a new lens to understand businesses. Having said that, the transition from Operations centric role to M&A Consulting was a positive challenge and the learning so far has been immense.

MA: Can you tell us about your job role?

Parv: I am an M&A consultant and the job entails supporting the inorganic growth strategy of the company across the deal lifecycle. To put the scope of projects on a scale, it includes different roles from the moment a company thinks about growing their market or product via acquisition to the time the merging companies successfully integrate as a single entity realizing synergies along the way (we don't do deal valuation). The major work areas include growth strategy, market analysis, competition benchmarking, due diligence, program management, etc.

MA: What do you think are the qualities that are needed for someone who wants to excel as a Consultant?

Parv: To put it out first, I have just been in consulting for 17 months so I am not sure if I know the qualities that are needed to succeed and everyone might have different parameters of success. But based on my experience, the most important skill is to have a curious mindset and to be able to ask the right questions. As a lot of you might know from consulting preparation, the kind of solution you deliver depends on the kind of questions you ask. Now it again ties back to the understanding you have of the industry, or the analytical outlook you possess, or the adaptability you bring to the table. If I overwhelmed someone reading this, just think whether you think and ask the obvious questions, or do you hold yourself back?

MA: What message would you like to give to the MBA students, interested in Consulting?

Parv: I think for consulting or for anything else, the most important thing is to figure out what you seek out of the job and then everything else follows. Now it is easier said than done, so my advice is to try a lot of things during your college. A first step can be to participate in case competitions, join clubs or student ventures, leverage your internship experience, and talk to your seniors in the industry. The important thing is to realize that we are all Jon Snow in our life and we have to seek out the help of others who might provide pieces to complete the picture for us.

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