Summer Internship Experience at Metro Group!

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Rahul Kumar ( MBA, GIM 2019-21)

"An engineer by choice, an entrepreneur by passion, and an MBA by need. I have completed my electrical engineering from Siksha O Anusandhan University. I have my own startup which is operating since 2016. Moreover, I am awarded Karamveer Global Young Leader Award by UN and iCongo and recipient of Swami Vivekananda National Youth Prize 2020. Currently, pursuing MBA Marketing from Goa Institute of Management and hails from Jharkhand."

MA: What do you think are the most important knowledge areas for any SIP interview in general?

Rahul: Be up to date with current affairs and communication skills and be thorough with your CV. Take the interview in the direction you want it to go. Be confident and have a positive body language Understand the company background as well as the role before applying.

MA: How was your experience of summer internship selection?

Rahul: It was great with METRO Cash & Carry India. It started with initial shortlisting based on your resume. Next, a pre-placement talk where the company pitch about internship details and value propositions. Follow up was GD and then PI based on your last GD round. In PI, being a fresher, case-based scenario was there, questions related to my achievements and hobbies. It was a very short interview to check your attentiveness and decision-making capabilities. (This is what I felt, not in general)

MA: How was your summer internship experience?

Rahul: If B2C e-commerce is in a nascent stage in India, then B2B e-commerce is yet to arrive. Some of us don’t know about this wonderful company, in which I interned. So, let me give you a brief about the experience I had. Metro Group is a German-based company in B2B wholesale ranked as one of the great places to work in. My internship program was fairly structured and we were given projects based on consumer behavior. Retail was one of the areas that were most impacted due to COVID-19, so in order to retain your customers and meet your inventories, you need to know the changing behavior of your customers shopping on online mediums. So, I felt lucky that I got this project, I had to study the competitors and come up with the business plan of how to sustain in this cut-throat competition. I had to do primary as well as secondary research on the subject and come up with suitable recommendations for the company.

Now moving on to the target groups of our company, which are local Kirana (Mom & Pop) stores, HoReCa, self-employed professionals, I was focusing on the self-employed segment because it is one of the driving forces in the future. Imagine a life of saloon, startup, or any other in nearby your home. He opens his business at 9 in the morning and closes by 8-8:30 in the night. I lived that life and understood the pain points of those people. Metro sent me to TIER-1 and TIER-2 cities through virtually and I called the stores & their people in the scorching heat of COVID impacting their businesses.

Quite a number of field trials helped me in understanding these people better, their purchasing cycle, and how they are looking to meet their sudden spikes in demands. In the end, comes the final review, there are a lot of iterations before the final presentations. We had a company mentor as well as a company guide. The mentor helped us from the start by defining the objectives and clearing the timelines.

The company guide was the one who will approve the project. He will listen for 15 mins about all the hard work and efforts that you have done in those 2 months. So like SRK said in “Chak De” – “ye 70 minutes Tumse koi nahi chin sakta.” I had only 15 minutes to convince them: what they should do in the next 6 months. I will say this is one of the most enriching experiences of my MBA journey. I understood how business actually works in India. Now, when you go to any business store with a self-employed professional, ask them whether they started purchasing online. You never know, you might be surprised by their answer.

MA: What are some tips you would like to give to the batch of 2020-22 for SIP preparation

Rahul: Simple 5-way structure: 1. Collecting all the previous summer placements data from seniors 2. Researching the companies that visit the campus 3. Forming case study groups 4. Working and aligning your CV formation 5. Mock GD/PI - Preparing HR questions especially awards, POR and for work ex, their prior experience.

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