Summer Internship Experience at Aditya Birla Management Corporation!

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Aditi Jain (MBA, New Delhi Institute of Management)

I am majoring in Marketing and Analytics, two domains that are the cornerstones in my career roadmap. I aim to grow and evolve into a consummate practitioner in the field of Marketing and Branding. I have completed my Bachelor’s in commerce from Delhi University, after which I joined S&P Global and worked there as a Researcher Associate for one year. At the core, I am a detail-oriented and optimistic person, striving to always add value to the task assigned and that differentiates me from others.

MA: What are the most important things that the first year of MBA taught you?

Aditi: My first year of MBA was a rich and fulfilling experience. The practical exposure that I gained from Live projects, working with different people in teams, and adapting to an altogether new environment, helped me grow on the Intellectual, Social, and Behavioral front.

I will divide my learnings into three parts:

  1. Academic Learning- The first semester of MBA teaches about general management. There were different subjects from HR, Finance, Economics, and Marketing. Case studies and group assignments form a very important part of academic learning, as it helps in understanding the core issues faced by the organization and the strategies adopted by it to overcome the same. Through group assignments, I interacted with my Peers and used to learn from other’s viewpoints.
  2. Practical Exposure- During my first semester, I had the opportunity of doing live projects with Dabur and Nestle. Working with two FMCG giants, the learning was immense. I learned about Consumer buying behavior, in-store promotional techniques, stock maintenance, and got exposure to field sales in the FMCG industry. I had exposure to both B2B and B2C sales during my live project stint.
  3. Personal Development – Participating in events and extracurricular activities is a great confidence booster and it helped me tremendously in personality development. Being a member of the placement committee, I was able to meet the highest proportion of people who were both intellectually gifted and interesting. It further helped me to build my network. Apart from actively participating in College events, I took part in case study competitions, and have interacted with leaders from the industry, which helped me in clarifying a lot of doubts about my career.

MA: How was your experience of summer internship? 

Aditi: Initially, I was a bit upset that the internship was going to be virtual this year. I was concerned about the learning outcomes and peer interaction with my colleagues. But with time, I realized that the virtual Summer Internship in COVID times was like transforming adversities into learning opportunities. During the 12-week summer internship at Aditya Birla Management Corporation, I got the opportunity of working on multiple projects, all involving marketing research and developing a brand strategy. I am happy about the fact that these projects were designed in such a manner that they are executable from the work from home situation standpoint. 

My first project was about Ingredient Branding, where I had to recommend customer engagement solutions for ABG Brands, namely Ultra-Tech, Hindalco (Aluminium and Foil category), Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail and Grasim. This was based on extensive primary research conducted with the help of an in-depth qualitative P2P probe amongst 90 respondents comprising renowned chefs, fashion designers, and influencers, on 2 Ingredient Brands – LIVA, Hindalco and 1 B2C Brand- Freshwrapp Foil. The process of conducting qualitative research through telephonic interviews was smooth and I was able to gather quality insights from my research.

Additionally, I was also responsible for carrying out primary research for New Product Development i.e. Vegetables and Floor disinfectant. For this, I took around 30 interviews across different target segments, involving housewives, working women, and Mid/senior-level working professionals, which helped me recommend valuable solutions for the new product.

The depth interviews also helped me conceptualize and develop the brand identity framework as well as new creative concepts for the product. Apart from the market research, I was also involved in Corporate Communications i.e. making Newsletters and Mailers as part of supporting the branding deliverables of the Innovation team. It was an amazing experience with profound learning and exposure. I was indeed very happy carrying out these projects which tapped my potential and opened doors for creative learning.

I am thankful to my Manager, teammates, and college faculty for their regular guidance and support throughout the internship.

MA: What should be the focus of students while preparing for the Summer Internship Interview?

Aditi: Throughout the selection process, a recruiter will want to understand your Perspective about different aspects. For this, being up to date with the Current affairs and news related to your areas of interest and specialization is a first and foremost important prerequisite. This will help you throughout the selection process. Secondly, dissect each and every activity in your CV in terms of Problem, Actions taken, and impact created. This activity will help you to be very crisp and clear while answering questions based on your CV.

Thirdly, be thorough with the Job description and understanding the company, its competitors, its products, and its customers.

MA: What are some tips you would like to give to the batch of 2020-22 for SIP preparation?


  1. First and most important advice – Read a lot. Stay abreast of the current affairs and articles.
  2. If you are a fresher, you should have a very strong and thorough in-depth domain knowledge.
  3. Prepare a good 1 min self-introduction – talk about your accomplishments, co-curricular activities hobbies, and interest areas
  4. Well-crafted CV – All the CV points should clearly tell about your responsibility and impact created. Use quantitative data to substantiate qualitative statements
  5. Company Research - This involves going through the company website, reading the latest news about the company, and their social media activities. Also, prepare last year's interview questions asked by the company.
  6. Prepare all the HR questions and situational based questions like strengths, past events, career aspirations, expectations from the job, why MBA, why marketing, etc.
  7. Mock interviews and mock GDPI practice is a must

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