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Kunal Mirge  (MBA, IIM Rohtak PGP 2020-22)

MA: What inspired you to prepare for CAT/MBA?

Kunal: I am a Commerce graduate. I am also trading and investing in the stock market for the past 2 years. So, there was an inclination to make a career in the Finance domain and MBA was a perfect place to pursue in this field. Also, when I read about the curriculum in MBA, it assured me that I would be having a 360-degree perspective about how the businesses are operated by the management of any company.

MA: How did you begin the preparation; did you have a strategy or plan for the upcoming months before the D-Day?

Kunal: Basically, I knew that I need coaching in the first place to crack CAT. For that, I joined one of the local classes in my city. I joined and started preparing for about a year before the exam. My strategy was simple, practice as much as you can within the time you are having with you and give mocks at regular intervals.

MA: Which was your strongest and weakest areas. Did you focus on bettering your strong areas or worked to improve your weaker ones?

Kunal: I had a habit of reading newspapers daily for many years. Due to that, my VARC section was a bit strong than QA and DILR. So, the strategy for QA was to first go through the Mathematics NCERTs from class 6th to 10th to brush up the concepts. After NCERTs, I moved to CAT study materials of TIME and Arun Sharma. For DILR, I used to practice 3-4 sets daily from any study material. Lastly, for VARC, 4-5 editorials from THE HINDU, or THE INDIAN EXPRESS I used to read daily, collecting new words for vocabulary building and revising those words on a daily basis was also a regular practice. I used to solve RC’s from materials and RC99. Apart from these, giving sectional and full-length mocks on a regular basis was a top priority.

MA: Can you share some of your interview experiences at B-Schools?

Kunal:  I appeared for 2-3 interviews of top b-schools. Basically, I was asked questions about the graduation subjects I had and in other areas such as general knowledge. In general knowledge, I mentioned that I read newspapers daily so questions from current happenings were asked and the opinion on those issues. Other questions were asked about my hobby which I mentioned was traveling. As I am a fresher, there were no questions as to work experience. Almost all the interviews were chill and no grilling was there. 

MA: Any tips for the CAT 2020 aspirants?

Kunal: Tips from my side would start preparing as early as you can because the CAT takes time to get through with all the 3 sections. Join coaching if you need for some areas. Practice for all the 3 sections giving equal importance. Go through the basic concepts first and then jump to the CAT level questions. Make a habit of giving mocks on a regular basis consistently and try to give at least 25 mocks before the exam. Make a habit of reading newspapers daily. Try to write a summary of the editorials after reading, it will help you to understand the author’s view and will also help in writing WAT further.

All the best to the CAT 2020 aspirants!

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