A PPO holder at ICICI Lombard, here is summer internship experience of Saurabh Lohani.

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Saurabh Lohani (ICICI Lombard (PPO), MBA- IIM Amritsar 2019-21)

"I have done my B. Tech in Agricultural Engineering from G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar. Post that I've worked for 7 months as Territory Sales Manager in New Holland Agriculture and was in charge of B2B sales of tractors and recovery of credit for 3 districts encompassing 5 dealerships. After that, I worked as Assistant Manager (Administration) in New Overseas Waterproofing Company for 15 months and was responsible for managing 8 site engineers for quality control and project completion within schedule. My hobbies are reading books and playing football. I was the sole person in my university to get selected in the University Team in the first year itself."

MA: What are the most important things that the first year of MBA taught you?

Saurabh: This was the question asked to me in my summer internship interview also. Understanding the context is what I feel I have learned during the first year of my MBA. I understood that there are several stages in a process and the differences between the stages. So according to the stage, we can act on a problem and resolve it. Also, I have been able to identify diverse factors that play role in a solving a problem.

MA: How did you prepare for Summer internship interviews? 

Saurabh: Most of my interviews revolved around my resume and I had thoroughly prepared my resume. Along with that, I had worked on my agriculture background to relate to the company's working. I also prepared some basic HR questions and most importantly I went with an attitude of nothing to lose hence I was full of confidence in the interview.

MA: How was your summer internship experience?

Saurabh: Despite being offline, the overall experience was very engaging. In between the internship, my project was looking implementable so I had several meetings with different executives to understand their opinion. I was also involved in regular office meetings where new plans were discussed so I felt motivated to constantly do a good job on the project. Initially, it took time to understand the processes but the project came out in good shape within the scheduled time. Sometimes the working hours extended for late nights but I constantly felt motivated by the involvement of senior management. I was also fortunate to present my project to the MD & CEO of the company.

MA: Would you like to give some tips to the current batch on how to excel in your summer internship and make the most out of it?

Saurabh: The first step would be to understand the objective of a role. Post that one can prepare on the skills needed for that job. One key thing is that students tend to miss out on mentioning soft skills but it is important to realize that in managerial roles one needs only 20 percent of hard skills, rest is people management. So it is important to bring those qualities during the interaction. It is important to take the interview as an interaction where you are there to learn. Lastly, I would say that times are tough but it is important to be persistent and not lose hope.

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