Why it's important to keep an eye on latest technology trends?

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Anubhav Sharma (MBA NITIE 2016-18)

MA: How did this journey begin? Were you always inclined towards Operations?

Anubhav Sharma: The journey began at the time when I was one year into my first job as a software engineer. I liked what I was doing and in fact, I always wanted to be the best at coding right from my days at grad school. While I was striving towards that goal, understanding the broader picture, how such complex machinery called organization function,s and reading about budding entrepreneurs would always keep me hooked.  At that point I realized, I needed to spend some time in a business management environment and learn those aspects. I was not exactly inclined towards operations. The focus on Operations and SCM in NITIE provided that edge and inclination.

MA: From choosing the subjects in college to now working in the field, how does this transition feel?

Anubhav Sharma: While the specific specialization in college plays a key role in initial guidance and providing a launchpad to the career in a certain direction, I believe in the long run it’s very much possible to pivot and take up the role in different domains. The transition from what you study in books to what you execute day in and day out certainly comes as a surprise and that’s where the internship experiences, a lot of corporate and people management exposure, helps bridge that gap. Personally, I chose a healthy mix of subjects and not just focusing on operations. Also, being from a tech. background, I ensured that I never lose on that forte and was well versed with how technology was and still is disrupting the conventional domains of operations, finance, marketing, etc.

MA: Can you tell us about your job role?

Anubhav Sharma: My current role involves 3 aspects: technology, process,s, and people. I work with teams to provide and implement the most suitable technology to improve the processes in procurement function for our Organization. I work incapacity of a technical product owner for implementing software solutions that redefine our procurement process and help us collaborate better with our suppliers.

MA: What do you think are the qualities that are needed for someone who wants to excel in this field? What is your advice for the current BSchool students?

Anubhav Sharma: Looking at existing operations, problems from a continuous improvement mindset always is something that would never get old. A lot of solutions and efficiency can be brought in with the use of technology these days. Thus, keep yourself up to date about the technology trends in the domains and keep an open mind towards new experiences and innovations.

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