Summer internship can be a game changer ! You might find where you fit in

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Karan Meena (Head- Global Marketing and Alliance at Intellicompute, IIM Visakhapatnam PGP 2017-19) 

Karan says "I am finance turned Marketing professional & a thriving entrepreneur. Left journey of CA in mid to get a marketing stamp for life from IIM-Visakhapatnam, Who loves to split his time between work & workout."

MA: How did this journey begin? Were you always inclined towards Marketing?

Karan Meena: Honestly, No. marketing never even came in my mind initially, though my bachelors had a mix of finance & marketing, I chose to go ahead with chartered accountancy, being a core finance guy. It was during my stint as a summer intern during IIM years when I realized that I am made for marketing.

 MA: From choosing the subjects in college to now working in the field, how does this transition feel?

Karan Meena:  It’s a different experience altogether. One thing I was able to observe was bookish definitions don’t help much in practical scenarios. I am glad IIMs are more focused on case studies rather than plain definitions, which is much closer to real-world insights & it helped a lot. Personally, I found that the practical experience of marketing gives much more exposure. Sometimes you might get into scenarios that you’ve not studied anywhere; that’s where the creativity of marketers kicks in to create a solution of his own.

 MA: Can you tell us about your job role?

Karan Meena: I joined Intellicompute as Head of Marketing & alliances. My primary tasks were to completely revamp the brand presence of the company, launching social media campaigns & writing business/tech blogs, ensuring inflow of quality leads, creating content & roadmaps for firm towards marketing. Other than my regular job, I recently co-founded a startup “D-Genesis” with my friend, which is a digital marketing services firm, where I am handling Strategy & Marketing as of now. We got some good clients in a short span of time & we are focused on creating Quality & budget-friendly digital marketing services for every entity looking to upgrade.

 MA: What do you think are the qualities that are needed for someone who wants to excel in this field?

Karan Meena: I believe the most essential skills which help are creativity, passion towards marketing & curiosity to know it all. A good marketer should able to tackle all sorts of questions & challenges thrown towards them. For every scenario, the ability to derive five possible solutions plays a role in exceptional marketing.

 MA: What skills should these people develop to grab their dream roles/jobs?

Karan Meena: First & foremost, communication skills take the lead as it helps in developing networking ability, adaptability, good planning & organization skills. Commercial awareness is all which should be taken seriously for dream jobs in marketing.

 MA: What message would you like to give to the Marketing enthusiast? 

Karan Meena: Currently, entire marketing is rapidly shifting towards Digitization, it is of utmost importance to learn digital marketing skills in free time, start with running Social Media campaigns and end up with learning SEO hacks. Being most cost-efficient yet most effective, the future is leaning towards it. I would like to convey to marketing enthusiasts, or in fact, anyone with an MBA, if possible, along with your regular jobs, let your inner entrepreneur thrive & plan forward to become to job maker. Keep on building ideas during MBA & post MBA execute it when time is right.

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