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Rishabh Abrol ( MBA, XIMB 2017-19)

He is currently working with a Two-wheeler market leader in a sales role, an avid reader with interests in genres like economics, history, philosophy, etc. Rishabh enjoys his work as a Territory Sales Manager which involves negotiating with people and pushing for the targets to be achieved. 

MA: How did this journey begin? Were you always inclined towards Marketing?

Rishabh: I always knew I wanted to be in a role that is more than just a technical one. I aspired for a role that would give me a fine semblance of how a whole business operation is run and the art of selling. Hence I was pretty confident what I wanted from my MBA. However, this belief was strengthened further once I completed my B2B sales internship in Titan company limited which was an enriching experience.

 MA: From choosing the subjects in college to now working in the field, how does this transition feel?

Rishabh: It's a wild transition. That's probably true about the sales role more than any of the other roles. However, generally, the professors do give you an understanding from their experience but a ride can only be experienced and not be told. To my experience sales is about the smart work you learn while completing the short deadlines, covering ample syllabus in a night for 2 different subjects' exam next day and making to the 8 am class after previous night's block party. However, its an interesting field and you always keep on solving one problem or another, traveling your heart out and running behind nonexistent numbers while understanding the nitty-gritty of business and more so of people. It's a good deal.

 MA: Can you tell us about your job role?

Rishabh: My job role primarily curtails the channel management side of sales which puts me in a position of handling about 60 outlets of the company. Starting from dispatch to retails and everything in between. I have to undertake the BTL marketing activities that are done and oversee that my staff in the whole of my territory is amply trained to tackle the customers which are more informed and technologically armed in this VUCA world (a phrase thrown out a lot in MBA colleges but not really understood). So all in all it is about handling complete business with retail being at the heart of the role.

 MA: What do you think are the qualities that are needed for someone who wants to excel in this field?

Rishabh: I don't think there are any qualities but one that is actually required to excel in any field let alone be sales. The quality is a willingness to learn and somewhat you can say making sense of the data in front of you. However, the latter one I can't say really is quality as most of the people from top tier B-schools know how to extract juice from the fruit. However, its a traveling intensive job, and people do like to stick to a desk. So make sure you have a little affinity to the road before you go out selling your product packed with jargons of "Dream" or "a fine Experience"

 MA: What skills should these people develop to grab their dream roles/jobs?

Rishabh: I think people should run behind the purpose and not a dream role or a job. Your preferred choice of roles that you take up in your life should only be different tools that you acquire throughout your work life to fulfill a bigger purpose to drive a sense of pride and satisfaction. You will probably be spending 40 years working so it's more important to derive what your ideal work should look like rather than giving in to the plain hype of a role. As Marx stresses happiness could only be derived from meaningful work, the biggest favor you can do to yourself is identifying a meaningful work for you which a good B school provides immense opportunities for.

 MA: What message would you like to give to the Marketing enthusiast? 

Rishabh: Experience life, make memories, learn, and have one hell of a time!

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