It's not the goal but the journey that matters!

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Nishtha Kathuria (IIM Visakhapatnam 2019-21)

It's not the goal but the journey that matters the most. Two years of MBA will teach you a lot if you embrace all the learnings you get from the failures that you face. It's not always important to succeed but to make the best use of the opportunity that you get. 

Being a fresher, I knew I now had to compete with the people who have had many years of work experience. But I took up the challenge to make my profile a great one by being active in almost everything because it's not just academics but the other activities as well that give you the most learnings. MBA is also focussed on peer to peer learning, so the more you discuss with your peers, the wider knowledge base you gain. So it is important to be with the right set of people who will encourage and support you to be the best version of yourself. 

Initially, each inter B School competition I participated in, enabled me to learn from my mistakes after which I eventually succeeded and there was no turning back. My failures have always helped me to learn and encouraged me to perform better each time. 

MBA has taught me not only to balance a lot of things at the same time but I also learned from the experiences of others. Class discussions, guest lectures, group projects, and competitions have been a major contributor to my growth since each taught me how to look at things with a new perspective. 

‌MBA teaches you not only about business but also about life lessons too. My advice to everyone who chooses to pursue an MBA is to enjoy every moment of the two years you spend during an MBA and have lots of learning and fun.

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