How to crack CAT in 3 Months

About the Author

Shubham Mittal (99.9%iler in QA in CAT, 7000 hours of teaching experience,  CAT Mentor)

He is Quant, Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation faculty at T.I.M.E. 

The first and the most crucial thing in cracking CAT is to give equal importance to all three sections QA, LR+DI, and VA. 

First of all, try and finish the whole syllabus as soon as possible and then start taking mocks, and after every mock analysis of that mock is fundamental, try to figure out in which section you're performing well and in which you're not and then keep on improving your mistakes. You've to continue doing this for the first five mocks and then average out your percentiles, and you'll be able to figure out which is your strongest section and which is not. 

Now comes the most crucial part, try to make your strongest section even stronger because, in CAT, it is essential to score more than 99.8+ percentile in one section to score overall 99+ percentile and try to manage your weaker section, so that your score should be around 95+ in weaker section. 

Now, let's come to the different sections and what you need to do in these sections. 

Quantitative aptitude - practice as much as you can in this section and keep on taking mocks to score 99+. Finish off your booklets and material first and then keep on taking sectional tests. 

Recommended books - TIME CAT material ( for concept building and good questions) Arun Sharma ( but it has lots of mistakes so just skip the question if you're stuck in any of the question ) 

Logical reasoning and data interpretation - The most important thing in cracking this section keep your calm and composure in this section; you've got 60 minutes to solve 32 sections, and it is important to pick easy sets first and difficult ones later. LR&DI is all about momentum after solving first 2 sets; you can easily go up to 5-6 sets, but don't let yourself stuck into any of the set at the initial stages. Keep your calm and solve your sets one by one. 

Recommended material - previous year mocks( AIMCAT ) and Previous year CAT. 

Verbal ability - there is only one thing important as far as VA section is concerned, practice as much RC's as you can ( at least 3-4 RC's a day )


  1. Thank you sir for your guidance. i have been selected in IIM Calcutta. This wouldn't had been possible without you.

  2. IIM Ahmedabad was like a dream untill I met u.
    Can't express my feelings here.
    U are the finest teacher I ever met
    A big thanks to u.



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