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Sharan Pillai (Digital Media & Partnerships Lead at Jio Creative Labs)

MA: What made you decide to switch your career from Engineering to Advertising? How has your journey been so far?

Sharan:  "Why limit yourself!"

Initially, while working in the engineering field I felt like I am constraining myself and a need to make a decision which will help me contribute more based on my Strength, Passion, and Dream.

I am always inclined to do work that would influence human minds and have a direct impact on society which made me decide to join the advertising industry and join Performics.Convonix (Publicis Media) for a biddable media role.

Later I did an internal job switch in Publicis Communications for a media planning and strategy role and also involved working with the strategic planning team for a couple of brands to learn the ideation process.

I am a firm believer in experimenting with various roles (different domains or leadership levels) which will help us to increase our self-esteem based on the learning and experience. This made me consider the Media Lead role at Jio creative Labs (current).

MA:  Can you tell us about your current job role at Jio Creative Labs?

Sharan:   "I am living the intrapreneurial journey!"

The current job role is very intriguing and challenging though as I am setting up Digital Media for one of the finest advertising agencies in the country - Jio Creative Labs.

We are doing some great work for our clients and winning new businesses.

MA: What are some of the ways people from your industry are making a difference in the world?

Sharan:   "Today our industry is following (more) values-based advertising than product-specific which is creating the world a better place."

Focus is more on empowerment, environmental sustainability, business practices and social acceptance. The majority of the advertising agencies today are taking up the greater risk of implementing campaigns based on social issues to build a connection with the consumer based on empathy and authenticity.

MA: What do you think are the qualities that are needed for someone who wants to excel in this field?

 Sharan:  I would say the following:

Be Curious and always ask WHY?

I believe The Great Idea is generated when we keep on questioning and this is what we do while creating campaign ideas and strategy.

Hunger to always learn

We need to be always updated with the fast pacing technology trends and consumer behavior patterns to deliver great work.


We work for multiple brands at a time, and it's important for us to marry each brand and be accountable for the result. This is why we in the advertising industry work for long hours.

MA: What skills should these people develop to grab their dream roles/jobs?


Storytelling!  Experience life! 

Problem solving.  Participate in case study competitions, work on real-life projects

Responsibility.  Start it from home.

Teamwork. Each department (planning, copy, art, media, etc) in an ad the agency works collaboratively and it's necessary to have people skills. 

Involve more on group projects and assignments.

Digital Advertising and Media Trends. It is an absolute necessity to have knowledge about the fundamentals of digital ads and technology.

MA: What message would you like to give to the budding managers?


"Explore and re-invent!"

Keep exploring various roles during internships and projects. Participate in various competitions. It will help you to realize your key strength and competence.

Embrace healthy competition and collaborate with the industry peers for learning and growth.

Research on your favorite topic and publish books. Collaborate with industry leaders for the research work and provide solutions.

MA: What is your philosophy about life?


Help and guide others so that they end up achieving something that they have never thought about. 

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