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Pratik Kumar (Data Scientist at Accenture Digital, MBA, IIT Kharagpur 2018-20)

MA: What inspired you to prepare for CAT/MBA?

Pratik: Career growth and fulfilling aspirations

 MA: While working with TCS how you managed to prepare?

Pratik: You have to be determined and focused enough. It's very difficult, sometimes u will feel exhausted and will also lose interest. But try to keep yourself motivated and never lose the tempo. The practice is the most boring part but the most important for D day.

 MA: How did you begin the preparation, did you have a strategy or plan for the upcoming months before the D-day?

Pratik: It was a continuous 1 year-long process. Every day was D day for me. That helped me a lot when it came to the actual D day.

 MA: Which was your strongest and weakest area? Did you focus on bettering your strong areas or worked to improve your weaker ones? 

Pratik: The strongest area was quant and the weakest was English. I solved a lot of practice sets, used to read a lot of articles.

 MA: Any tips for CAT 2020 aspirants?

Pratik: You have to understand that you don't know everything and you won't be expecting questions which you know. So, when asked 'tell me about yourself', try to prepare your answer accordingly which inculcates the thing that you have command over. This will help in driving the interview according to you.

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