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Another one of the most asked about topics in CAT preparation is the QUANT Strategy. You surely don't want to miss the section that could be high scoring with correct preparation and strategy. (And engineers don't have the upper hand in here, contrary to popular belief).

Preparation Strategy-

Every individual has different capabilities, and so, you need to define your Strategy.
Begin with breaking down the QUANT section into topics- Geometry, Arithmetic, Numbers, PNC, Algebra, etc. Start with every topic's basic concepts. And do prepare your notes for revision and solve questions on each topic while preparing for it. Remember not to skip any topic just by assuming it won't appear in the paper.

Once you're familiar with all the topics, start listing out your strong and weak topics by analyzing your performance in mock tests. Try achieving higher speeds with accuracy for strong topics and solve with easy questions of weak topics, gradually increasing the difficulty.

CAUTION: Do not rely on mock papers to guess the difficulty level of QUANT in CAT. Prepare for the toughest you can, assuring yourself of cracking this section irrespective of it's difficulty.

After attaining fluency, aim to solve around 30 questions with at-least 90% accuracy in the time limit.
Do not hesitate in using unconventional ways to find out the answer if they're precise. CAT is about scoring as high as possible in as little time as possible. So skip traditional lengthy ways, and adapt new ways, if only they are reliable.

Solving Strategy-

One of the most optimum techniques, is to go through all the questions at once, and mark their difficulty in around 3 levels. Then start with the easiest questions, then mediumly difficult, and at last, the hardest. Set the time for each round depending on the number of questions in that round. Mock tests can help you in refining this strategy, as you can understand what type of questions would be easiest and how much time to devote to them. The same applies to the other two rounds.

Remember that diagrams are of great help in the QUANT section, as topics like geometry and mensuration are easier to solve while aided with diagrams. So even if the question doesn't provide diagrams, draw your own.

Also apart from all this the shortcuts shared by indrajeet sir in iquanta classes helped me alot in savings my time and attempting more questions in CAT.

Also, IQUANTA's mega-event before cat helped me to solve a variety of questions and also provided a competitive platform.

By Arun Sharma
Quantum – Sarvesh k Verma

You can also use the study material of some reputed coaching institutes.
This was all about the QUANT sections. We hope this helps you in all ways possible.

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